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Reducing carbon emission through energy optimization


    Techouse delivers complete water treatment systems from the main seawater intake to final water use or injection.

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    Techouse designs and delivers custom-made Energy Recovery Solutions for offshore fixed and floating O&G installations.

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    Innovative, courageous, talented, everchanging. These are the people of Techouse.

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Techouse, with more than 20 years experience, is a Norwegian company delivering energy recovery and water treatment solutions to the offshore oil and gas industry.

Techouse has grown to become a leading engineering and technologies firm specialised in the provision of complete customised process packages designed to ensure environmental solutions, reducing emissions to ambient air, clean water and energy savings. Our focus is optimizing design for increased performance while minimizing cost, weight and footprint.

HSEQ Policy

Ensuring the safety and health of our employees, taking care of the environment and deliver quality in everything we do, are core business principles to Techouse.

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Human rights

We respect all internationally recognized human rights and we are committed to partner with companies whose human rights standards are consistent with our own.

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Social responsibility

Techouse shall conduct its business consistent with our values, including deliver quality, meet our clients’ expectations, and make a positive impact.

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Business ethics

Techouse is committed to high ethical standards in its business dealings to ensure that the integrity of employees and the organization is maintained.

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Sulphate Removal Units

Used in onshore and offshore developments, water injection involves introducing water into reservoir to encourage oil production. While the injected water helps to increase depleted pressure within the reservoir, it also helps to move the oil in place. Waterflood sweeps remaining oil through the reservoir to production wells, where it can be recovered. Different water sources can be used for water injection such as treated seawater or treated produced water.

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Combined Cycle (HRSG or OTSG)

Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) and Once Through Steam Generators (OTSG) generate saturated or superheated steam recovered from the exhaust heat of the Gas Turbines or Diesel Engines.​ Steam is used for extra power production in steam turbines and also to satisfy process and utilities heat demands.

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Numbers at a glance



Decreased emissions of CO2 in offshore power generation

Decreased emissions of CO2 in offshore power generation.


energy efficiency increase

energy efficiency increase.


thousand tons of CO2 emission reduction per year

thousand tons of CO2 emission reduction per year. (equal to 485’000 cars)

(equal to 485’000 cars)