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The people of Techouse, experienced pioneers

We embark on new endeavours all the time. We rely heavily on our experience, top-notch skillset and well-proven processes to tackle and welcome change, and create value for our people and projects. And for the planet.

A pioneering mindset

Our experience helps us to easily identify possibilities and potential, and to explore how to deliver to an even higher standard than before. We work in teams to solve challenges, and we are great at collaboration. This is part of the pioneering spirit at the core of our company culture.

Pioneers are typically free-thinkers and creative. They are independent, clever and original. Pioneers and innovators have many similarities, but the most important difference is that while the innovator will make new ideas, the pioneer will make new inventions.

Pioneers are motivated by possibilities, potential and new ways to add value. That is the best way to describe our company, our people and the projects we deliver.

“Never be afraid of change. Meet it with curiosity, and see it as an opportunity to identify potential otherwise overlooked.”

CEO, Techouse

Our values



In collaborative projects, we always need to build trust over time, and put in the effort to make the best collaborative environment possible. Our competence and experience creates an important safety net for new clients. They know that we have the right skills and tools, and that we are really connected to their daily operations, because we know the industry so well.

Our existing clients have been a major part in getting us this far, and we have also learned from them.

Being an experienced pioneer, we meet change and challenges with clear and calm minds. We prove our implementation ability by effectively and transparently sharing both success stories and how our pioneering spirit helped us solve challenges.



We are aware of the role we play in the society around us. We share our pioneering mindset, explain and explore what it means to our own people, clients and partners. Everyone working with Techouse will know what pioneering means for them, for the project and for society as a whole.

The most important ambassadors that will help us succeed in the future, are the people and clients we have now. Engaging them is key to our growth, and we take that responsibility seriously. We celebrate successful projects, not successful people.

On a larger scale, we make the green shift possible by reducing energy spending and waste. It is what we have been doing since the beginning. To be part of that, and to contribute to something larger than yourself, is our most important message to the world. It is also why we get up and go to work in the morning.



Pioneers are in the forefront. They see potential, seek solutions and look for potential.

Working for or with us, you will experience that we always look for these elements – improvements, potential, possibilities and ways to add more value.

This is not to say that we only look ahead. We execute and implement effectively, and always maintain clear focus on tasks and deliveries at hand.

Most importantly, we want to deliver the highest possible value – to each other as colleagues, to clients and partners, and of course to the planet we all live on.



We are open and transparent with our clients, employees and partners. This means that we will take the time to explain, involve and give ownership for everyone involved in a project.

We are not afraid of talking about lessons learned or improvement potential. We are just people, working with people, and we need to remember that.

We try to create the environment, both in external projects and in our own organisation, that allows for this honesty. That way, we build trust and strong relationships that help us succeed.

“We are like family. Techouse has been a safe place for me ever since I started four years ago. Considering how the world has changed in those years, that is a great achievement.”

Technical Engineer, Techouse

Numbers at a glance



Decreased emissions of CO2 in offshore power generation

Decreased emissions of CO2 in offshore power generation.


energy efficiency increase

energy efficiency increase.


tons of CO2 emission reduction per year

tons of CO2 emission reduction per year. (equal to 485’000 cars)

(equal to 485’000 cars)

Your career at Techouse

Show us what you got!

We are always looking for talented and skilled people to join our mission to reduce carbon emission and improve energy recycling! Does that sound exciting and is that something you are motivated for? Click the button below and send us your CV and introduction.

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