Waterwash skids

Techouse Offline Waterwash is a removable skid for offline waterwash. Waterwash skid is normally designed to connect 400V 60Hz 3 phase power. Waterwash skid typical size supplies 50 liters of liquid per minute at 4.6 bar. Techouse Offline Waterwash is supplied with ¾” quick coupling type Snap – Tite at the hose end.

Waterwash skids

Waterwash skid contains two tanks, typically sized to 150 liters. One tank is for water only, while the other is for water and soap. Each tank has a 3.5 kW heating element that can raise the temperature in the fluid from 20 °C to 60 °C in two hours.

Both tank s are also equipped with temperature gauge, level glass and breather filter. The level glass has a red liquid indicator for easy reading. Behind the level glass is a scale that shows the fluid content in the tank.

This is divided into 10 liter markings, plus a large selection for every 28 liters.

Which tank is in use is determined by a three way valve with L-loop. The L-loop makes it possible to change from tank to tank without liquid from one tank to another.

The handle for switching between the tanks is placed on top of the slit, in front of the tank. Waterwash skid is equipped with a filter after pumping which removes any contaminants down to 25μm. On the filter there is a filter indicator. If the filter gets clogged, a red strip will appear in the filter indicator window. When this occurs, the filter insert must be replaced. The filter insert is recommended once a year, regardless of whether the filter indicator expires.

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