Water Technologies

Techouse designs, engineers and manufactures complete customized
Water Treatment packages for the Oil & Gas upstream market.

Water technologies

Sulphate Removal Units

Used in onshore and offshore developments, water injection involves introducing water into reservoir to encourage oil production. While the injected water helps to increase depleted pressure within the reservoir, it also helps to move the oil in place. Waterflood sweeps remaining oil through the reservoir to production wells, where it can be recovered.

Different water sources can be used for water injection such as treated seawater or treated produced water.

Membrane Deaeration Units

Techouse has a long term partnership with 3M Membrana in the area of membranes deaearation applications.

Together we have delivered the first deoxygenation unit using membrane gas contactors in the offshore sector for the North Sea Continental Shelf.

More information on that case can be found in the News section.

We built packages with flexible & modular design treating seawater to produce deoxygenated water better than 10 ppb O2.

Water technologies
Water technologies

Electro-Chlorination Units

Techouse made a partnership with Permascand, a 45 years experienced manufacturer of DSA™ Electrodes and electrochemical cells. Together with Permascand, we are designing, engineering, manufacturing complete electro – chlorination units.

We have developed large expertise in treatment of ballast water, offshore seawater and we do have a great understanding of the offshore difficult design conditions and specifications.

Ultra Filtration Units

Techouse is designing, engineering and manufacturing ultrafiltration units for the offshore market.

Ultrafiltration membranes are an optimal physical barrier to particulates, bacteria and viruses and provide the best protection (pre – treatment) to nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes.

Our ultrafiltration modules are designed to minimize weight and space. 

Water technologies
Water technologies

Nano Filtration Units

Techouse is designing, engineering and manufacturing nanofiltration units for the offshore market.

Nanofiltration membranes remove Sulphate and Hardness (Magnesium and Calcium) from seawater in order to avoid strontium and barium scaling in the injection wells.

Our choice of membranes and design ensure for a compact solution.

Seawater Filtration Units

Techouse can deliver seawater filtrations unit using automatic backwash coarse filters in the range of 2 to 500 microns. Our filters are automatic self – cleaning filtration systems designed for continuous maintenance – free filtration for all major manufacturing and processing industries.

The automatic self – cleaning process begins, as soon as, the filter elements become contaminated.

Water technologies
Water technologies

Produced Water Treatment

Produced water is contaminated water coming from oil or gas reservoir. Its composition varies a lot depending on different factors, but the following constituents are often those we want to treat: hydrocarbons (free oil, dispersed, dissolved, precipitated), solids (suspended or dissolved), gases and metals. 

Techouse designs and manufactures a wide range of equipment which will treat the produced water in order for that water to reach the requested quality, to either be re-injected in the reservoir, disposed of or transported onshore. 

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