Produced Water Treatment

With the vision of becoming a complete water treatment supplier, Techouse is increasing water portfolio by adding produced water capabilities. 

Produced Water Treatment

Produced water is contaminated water coming from oil or gas reservoir. Its composition varies a lot depending on different factors, but the following constituents are often those we want to treat: hydrocarbons (free oil, dispersed, dissolved, precipitated), solids (suspended or dissolved), gases and metals.

Techouse designs and manufactures a wide range of equipment which will treat the produced water in order for that water to reach the requested quality, to either be re-injected in the reservoir, disposed of or transported onshore.

Our solutions cover treatment of primary produced water to treatment of tertiary water and would include:

• hydrocyclones
• separators
• flotations units
• filtrations systems

We are looking forward to support you project and design the optimal process to reach water quality.

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