Energy Solutions

We help operators prepare for the energy challenges of the future by using their resources in smarter ways. Our custom designed (heat recovery) solutions for offshore users allow for direct fuel gas savings, reduced emissions and improved energy efficiency.

Energy Solutions

Waste Heat Recovery Units – WHRU

Energy recovery represents a large and untapped energy source. Recapturing energy and putting it to use, reduces both fuel consumption and emissions.

Waste Heat Recovery Units (WHRU) recovers heat from gas turbines or diesel engines by heating up a liquid heating medium such as water or thermal oils in order to supply energy to cover other process heat requirements.

Recovering energy from gas turbine exhaust through waste heat recovery is widely used on offshore oil and gas installations and Techouse draw on decades of experience in delivering tailor-made WHRUs world-wide.

Heat Recovery Steam Generators – HRSGs and Once Through Steam Generators – OTSGs

Heat recovery provides valuable energy sources and reduces energy consumption. Recovery of waste heat from gas turbine exhaust that would otherwise be lost to the atmosphere can be used to generate pressurized steam in our steam generators and used for additional power production as well as covering process heat demands.  This reduces fuel consumption and  reduce CO2 and NOx emissions to air.

Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) and Once Through Steam Generators (OTSG) are both fit-for-purpose technologies that generate steam to be used to produce extra power in steam tubines and can be combined to also cover heat demands. The result is increased energy efficiency and improved flexibility of the energy system. Techouse have substantial experience in design and operation of HRSGs and OTSGs.

Energy Solutions
Energy Solutions

GT Exhaust Packages

Gas Turbines Stacks are offered separately when no WHRU or HRSG is required.

Exhaust stacks vary in complexity depending on routing, length and elevation of the outlet.

In the simples form hot casing uninsulated stacks are used, while other require cold casing designs with internal insulation.

GT Exhaust Silencers

Techouse offers exhaust silencers for gas turbines as part of our supply of WHRUs and HRSGs.

Our design is based on rod type silencing components built into tailor made silencer casings.

The rod type arrangement also acts as flow enhancement of the exhaust flow by evening out the flow distribution over the whole flow area, reducing turbulence and flow pulsations.

Energy Solutions
Energy Solutions

Steam Aux

Techouse offers a variety of auxiliary equipment:

  Air oil separators to high speed lube oil systems

  Water and steam Monitoring Systems for HRSG/Steam Systems

  Dosing stations of chemicals to steam systems

  Make up water systems based on our water technology

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