Energy Solutions

We have the expertise and experience in custom designing and delivering
Heat Recovery Systems for offshore users.

Energy Solutions


Waste Heat Recovery Units (WHRU) recovers heat from Gas Turbines or Diesel Engines by heating up a liquid heating medium.

The equipment is widely used on offshore oil and gas installations to cover the various heat demand in the process. Techouse is a world leading supplier of WHRUs for the offshore industry.

Techouse’s legacy is 30 years old starting with the delivery of the first WHRUs in the world to Statoils Gullfaks A (late 1980s) in the Norwegian Continental Shelf of the North Sea. Since then our team has been responsible for delivery of WHRUs word wide either through ABB Miljø or under Techouse’s former name, KANFA – TEC.


Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) and Once Through Steam Generators (OTSG) generate saturated or superheated steam from recovery of heat from Gas Turbines or Diesel Engines.

Steam can be used to cover heat demands, but unlike liquid heating mediums in WHRUs, steam is also suitable for extra power production in steam turbines or steam engines.

The HRSG is normally supplied as a complete HRSG module.

Energy Solutions
Energy Solutions

GT Exhaust Packages

Gas Turbines Stacks are offered separately when no WHRU or HRSG is required.

Exhaust stacks vary in complexity depending on routing, length and elevation of the outlet.

In the simples form hot casing uninsulated stacks are used, while other require cold casing designs with internal insulation.

GT Exhaust Silencers

Techouse offers exhaust silencers for gas turbines as part of our supply of WHRUs and HRSGs.

Our design is based on rod type silencing components built into tailor made silencer casings.

The rod type arrangement also acts as flow enhancement of the exhaust flow by evening out the flow distribution over the whole flow area, reducing turbulence and flow pulsations.

Energy Solutions
Energy Solutions

Steam Aux

Techouse offers a variety of auxiliary equipment:

  Air oil separators to high speed lube oil systems

  Water and steam Monitoring Systems for HRSG/Steam Systems

  Dosing stations of chemicals to steam systems

  Make up water systems based on our water technology

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