WHRU Systems

WHRU systems

Techouse deliver WHRUs to our clients overall WHRU systems.

WHRU systems mainly consists of :
• The consumers of heat i.e. inlet heaters, crude oil heaters, MEG regen, HVAC systems, fresh water generation.
• At least one WHRU
• Heating Medium circulation pumps
• Heating Medium expansion vessel
• Heating Medium trim cooler
• Heating medium by – pass line

The heating medium, which can be water, water/glycol mixture or a thermal oil, is circulated to the consumers by the heating medium circulation pumps.

There will also be at least one expansion vessel to handle the thermal expansion in the heating medium as it is warming up.

A minimum flow arrangement for the pumps as well as a trim/dump cooler is also common.

It is important that the system I designed with a heating medium flow through the individual WHRU between 80% to 110% of design flow in order to ensure properly distributed flow of heating medium through the WHRU tube bundle.

Techouse normally only supplies the WHRUs to the overall WHRU Systems. We can however give important input to the WHRU system design in order to help secure a robust Heating Medium System.

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