Halvorsen TEC provides solutions for complex systems, where different technologies are combined together in a way that ensures the most optimal solution for the given task. Our multidiscipline team is always ready to support the project and find the best way to improve your final solution. Let us know what you are working with, and we will suggest design that solves your needs.


Water Injection

Water injection is one form of engineering technique to enhance oil recovery (EOR).

Used in onshore and offshore developments, water injection involves introducing water into reservoir to encourage oil production.

While the injected water helps to increase depleted pressure within the reservoir, it also helps to move the oil in place. Waterflood sweeps remaining oil through the reservoir to production wells, where it can be recovered.

Combined Cycles

Halvorsen TECs HRSGs and OTSGs it integral part of Combined Cycles or Combined Heat and Power Cycles.

A Combined Cycle (CC) power plant consists of
 – one or more gas turbines
  steam generator(s) in the gas turbine exhaust
– one (or more) steam turbines
  condenser system
  condensate and feed water pumps
  various ancillary systems


NOx Control

Water or Steam Injection in Gas Turbines will reduce NOx formation and with steam injection power and efficiency will also increase.

 In a steam injection scheme, no steam turbine is required. The increased power is caused by the volumetric effect of expanding steam in the gas turbine.

 For both water and steam injection, ultra-pure water is required. As the water is lost through the gas turbine exhaust, the water needs to be continuously produced.

GT Power Enhancement

Halvorsen TEC offers equipment to enable enhanced power production and efficiency in gas turbines without using steam turbines.

The duty and efficiency of a gas turbines can be increased by injecting Superheated Steam into the combustion zone of the gas turbine.

Since the water is “consumed” as it is lost together with the exhaust of the gas turbine, ultra-pure water needs to be continuously produced.


WHRU Systems

Halvorsen TEC deliver WHRUs to our clients overall WHRU systems.

WHRU systems mainly consists of :
– the consumers of heat i.e. inlet heaters, crude oil heaters, MEG regen, HVAC systems, fresh water generation.
– At least one WHRU
– Heating Medium circulation pumps
– Heating Medium expansion vessel
– Heating Medium trim cooler
– Heating medium by – pass line

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