Sulphate Removal Units

Water injection is one form of engineering technique
to enhance oil recovery (EOR).

Sulphate Removal Units

Used in onshore and offshore developments, water injection involves introducing water into reservoir to encourage oil production. While the injected water helps to increase depleted pressure within the reservoir, it also helps to move the oil in place. Waterflood sweeps remaining oil through the reservoir to production wells, where it can be recovered.

Different water sources can be used for water injection such as treated seawater or treated produced water.

Filtration of the water that will be injected are usually necessary to ensure that no materials clog the well pores and that bacteria is not permitted to grow.

In an effort to reduce any corrosion within the reser voir, oxygen is often removed from the water, as well. Techouse designs, engineers and built Sulphate Removal Units which reduce sulphate and oxygen to acceptable levels for water injection .

Designs recommended by Techouse are based on membranes technologies through the entire water treatment chain.

Recent awarded project to Techouse is a Sulphate Removal Unit for Statoil Johan Castberg platform in the Barents Sea. The unit includes ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and membrane deaeration to reduce sulphate and oxygen levels.

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