Seawater Filtration Units

Techouse can deliver seawater filtrations unit using automatic backwash coarse filters in the range of 2 to 500 microns. Our filters are automatic self – cleaning filtration systems designed for continuous maintenance – free filtration for all major manufacturing and processing industries.

Seawater filtration units

The automatic self – cleaning process begins, as soon as, the filter elements become contaminated.

Due to the unique single element cleaning process, the total filtered flow is not reduced during the cleaning process.

The basic construction consists of the main housing, inlet and outlet ports with flanged connections, filter elements, outlet valve and actuator and electronic operating controls.

The seawater flows through the filter elements of the back – flushing filter, passing from the inside to the outside. Contamination particles then collect on the inside of the filter elements.

We can also deliver seawater filtration with multimedia filters (MMF) and cartridge filters (CF).

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