Membrane Deaeration Units

Techouse has a long term partnership with 3M Membrana in the area of membranes deaearation applications. Together we have delivered the first deoxygenation unit using membrane gas contactors in the offshore sector for the North Sea Continental Shelf. More information on that case can be found in the News section.

We built packages with flexible & modular design treating seawater to produce deoxygenated water better than 10 ppb O2.

3M Liqui-Cel TM Membrane Contactors use a microporous hollow fiber membrane to add and remove gases from liquids by applying a vacuum, strip gas, or both in combination, to the lumen side (inside) of the fibers .

Membrane deaeration units

Membrane deoxygenation technology has a lot to offer in the Oil & Gas upstream sector compared to traditional technology.

Some of the advantages of the membrane technology are :
• Flexible and modular design which can coop with capacity increase or stringent requirement
• Optimized footprint and weight
• No chemical required for operation
• Simple operation, lower maintenance
• Higher water quality

Techouse via its subsidiary RO Solutions, owns a pilot test facility, which allows us to have a great understanding of the impact of different inlet parameters on the operation of the membrane deaeration units and, in the same time, allows us to propose optimized designs. Statoil ’s Johan Castberg FPSO will be using RO Solutions Membrane deaeration unit for the Sulphate Removal Unit (within SRU water injection module).

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