Hydraulic starters

The Hydraulic Starters are mainly used to start diesel engines generally emergency sets for marine, oil and gas, offshore, etc. Very reliable as an emergency starting system, because it is a closed and independent circuit with few mechanisms.

The hydraulic starting unit can be activated manually so it is a solution when there is no external energy available. It can be used under extreme environmental conditions just using the suitable hydraulic oil.

Hydraulic starters

Unaffected when stopped for long periods of inactivity, even being under damp and hostile environmental, due to its closed ad sealed design that don’t allow the entrance of dirt for it.

The unit is always ready to start the engine. Very low maintenance required. Easy assembly on the engine by frontal flange.

The starter gets the power from the oil contained in the hydraulic unit.

This equipment includes a tank with oil and an accumulator with the compressed gas and it may incorporate an electric pump or hand pump (manual), or both.

The hydraulic unit compresses the oil until 210 bar and this oil goes into the starter forcing the movement of the hydraulic motor.

We can adapt the whole system to your exact specifications, dimensioned under the number of start attempts you ask for. The oil goes into the starter and activate the hydraulic motor. The pistons start moving the disc and that transforms the linear movement into circular one which is transmit to the inertia friction clutch. Inertia friction clutch’s pinion turns.

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