Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) and Once Through Steam Generators (OTSG) generate saturated or superheated steam from recovery of heat from Gas Turbines or Diesel Engines. Steam can be used to cover heat demands, but unlike liquid heating mediums in WHRUs, steam is also suitable for extra power production in steam turbines or steam engines.


The HRSG is normally supplied as a complete HRSG module. The HRSG module is more complex equipment relative to the WHRUs as it contains several heat recovery sections in the exhaust path of the gas turbine, steam drum, circulation pumps, piping, instrumentation, control valves, manual valves, auxiliary equipment – all assembled into a single lift skid designed for single lift onto our client’s installation.

Techouse has experience with supply of HRSGs to the offshore industry since 1998 .

Our team delivered the first HRSG module to offshore combined cycles plants in the late 1990s and have gained experience in design and operation from observations and direct follow up of these installations. Our current HRSG solution is based on this experience.

OTSG is a somewhat simpler heat recovery steam generator in terms of equipment, but is more complex in terms of material and water/steam management. The OTSG technology is less common than the HRSG technology. A OTSG solution can be more compact than a HRSG solution. Contact us for more information regarding HRSGs and OTSGs.

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