GT Power Enhancement

Techouse offers equipment to enable enhanced power production and efficiency
in gas turbines without using steam turbines.

GT power enhancement

The duty and efficiency of a gas turbines can be increased by injecting Superheated Steam into the combustion zone of the gas turbine.

Since the water is “consumed” as it is lost together with the exhaust of the gas turbine, ultra-pure water needs to be continuously produced.

Techouse offers the RO plant to produce the ultrapure water and the HRSG/OTSG to convert the water to pressurised superheated steam suitable for steam injection.

The HRSG is recovering heat from the exhaust gas of the gas turbine where the steam is injected.

 A typical improvement is shown in the following table:

Steam rate (kg/s)   Power (kW)     Efficieny (%)

LM2500 PE                  0                          23 294                38,6

LM2500 PE                8,3                        25 155                  41,0

LM2500 PH              13,9                       27 763                  42,8

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