Gas Turbine Auxiliaries

We design, engineer and manufacture auxiliary equipment and packages around gas turbines,
including patented solutions.

Gas turbine auxiliaries

Air Oil Seperators

The ventilation air from lube oil sumps on Gas Turbines and Turbo Compressors is typically ventilated to open air.

The sump ventilation air is contaminated with oil mist, causing unwanted conditions when ventilated to the environment.

The contamination of oil in sump ventilation air may typically be in the range of 800 – to 2500 ppm by weight.

Lube Oil Systems

Halvorsen TEC has a long experience with hydraulic systems and has been delivering many systems to offshore and onshore customers worldwide.

The lube oil systems are custom engineered to meet the industry lubrication needs.

Pressurized lube oil systems are integral to the reliable operation and longevity of critical production equipment and components. Lubricating oil for a marine diesel engine achieves two objectives; it must cool and lubricate.

Gas turbine auxiliaries
Gas turbine auxiliaries

Hydraulic Starters

The Hydraulic Starters are mainly used to start diesel engines generally emergency sets for marine, oil and gas, off – shore, etc.

Very reliable as an emergency starting system, because it is a closed and independent circuit with few mechanisms.

The hydraulic starting unit can be activated manually so it is a solution when there is no external energy available. It can be used under extreme environmental conditions just using the suitable hydraulic oil.

Fuels Systems

Advantages of the new gas / liquid fuel system:

• “up to date” fuel system

• More optimal fuel volumes

• General improved reliability for fuel changeover from gas / liquid

• General improved start – up reliability

• Maintenance friendly design (replacement of the component
possible without disassembly of the skid

• Overall more reliability and availability of the spares 

Gas turbine auxiliaries
Gas turbine auxiliaries

Metering Skids

A metering skidis a special platform on which various devices and instruments are installed.

The metering skid consists of pipelines, filters and other equipment necessary for the metering function.

Water Wash Skids

Halvorsen TEC Offline Waterwash is a removable skid for offline waterwash.

Waterwash skid is normally designed to connect 400V 60Hz 3 phase power.

Waterwash skid typical size supplies 50 liters of liquid per minute at 4.6 bar.

Gas turbine auxiliaries
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