Electro-chlorination units

Techouse made a partnership with Permascand, a 45 years experienced manufacturer of DSA™ Electrodes and electrochemical cells. Together with Permascand , we are designing, engineering, manufacturing complete electro-chlorination units.

We have developed large expertise in treatment of ballast water, offshore seawater and we do have a great understanding of the offshore difficult design conditions and specifications.

Our solutions are based on two different concepts for continuous production
of sodium hypochlorite solution (NaOCl):

• PermaChlor® CS – PEC ( Plate Electrode Concept)
• PermaChlor® CS – TEC (Tubular Electrode Concept)

Electro-chlorination units

Plate Electrode concept:

The parallel plate cell geometry provides superior electrolytic efficiency since the hydrogen gas is quickly separated. Our design has many features and benefits:

• Maximum system reliability with proven availability
• Low capital cost and low power consumption
• Lower cost of spare electrolyzer module
• Design ensures that electrolyzer operates many years without hypochlorite leaks

Electro-chlorination units

Tubular Electrode concept:

The electrolyzer consists of an assembly of concentric tube electrolytic cells connected end-to-end in a bi-polar arrangement. The tubular design allows for higher velocity which results in inhibition of deposit built up and significantly reduce the need for chemical cleaning. This design is recommended when operator is avoiding frequent cleaning.

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