Combined Cycles

Techouse’s HRSGs and OTSGs it integral part of Combined Cycles
or Combined Heat and Power Cycles.

Combined cycles

A Combined Cycle (CC) power plant consists of
• one or more gas turbines
• steam generator(s) in the gas turbine exhaust
• one (or more) steam turbines
• condenser system
• condensate and feed water pumps
• various ancillary systems

Combined cycle is a power concept combining gas turbine power cycles with steam turbine power cycles. This is achieved by using the large amount of heat in the Gas Turbine (GT) exhaust gas as energy input for the Steam Bottoming Cycle (SBC).

More power is produced without burning more fuel, thus increasing the overall plant efficiency. Or smaller gas turbines can be used in combination with steam turbines to produce the required power demand.

Depending on the combined cycle design and complexity the additional power produced in a combined cycle compared to a plant with the same gas turbines alone, is in the range of 25 to 40%. For an offshore concept,a simpler combined cycle design than the large onshore plants isnormally chosen. A simpler design means single level pressure, and in this context the additional power will be in the range of 25 to 30% compared to simple cycle solutions.

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