Barrier Systems and Special Doors

Techouse delivers world known and recognized ALUBAR™ safety and waterblocking barriers,
flood and special doors.

Special doors – Flood doors, Water tight doors, Barrier doors
• Products recognized on the market
• Main parts made of aluminum

Product portfolio:
• Flood doors
• Waterblocking barriers
• Special doors
•  Safety barriers
• Weather tight doors

The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) requires flood barriers in all ships in order to prevent casualties, ref. to Stockholm Agreement:

Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom in 1993 adopted the “Stockholm Agreement” concerning specific stability requirements for ro – ro passenger ships undertaking regular scheduled international voyages between or from designated ports in North West Europe and the Baltic Sea, which meant that existing ferries operating on most of the sea routes would have to meet the full SOLAS 1990 standard.

Barrier Systems and Special Doors

Water barrier systems for ships and tunnels

The flood barrier system is equipped with all necessary items, such as barriers, lifting/lowering devices, clamping devices, hydraulic power pack and electrical control system to be able to perform a water tight barrier across the tunnel in case of an emergency situation.

The flood barrier includes one stainless steel frame to be embedded in the tunnel concrete. The flood gate hinges and seal faces are welded to the embedded frame to achieve correct alignment. This ensures correct operation and sealing function.

The track flood gate (TFG) is equipped with mechanical lock in open position to ensure that the gate is not closed unintended.

The operation of the TFG is fully automatic. Each gate can be operated automatically from ATC and CW SCADA. Open locked positon and closed gate signals are sent to ATC from dedicated sensors to confirm gate position. The local control unit (LCU) sends gate position status to CW SCADA. Other signals for monitoring system status is also available for CW SCADA like hydraulic pressure, oil temperature etc. The CFD flood gate is operated from a local control unit with open and close command.

The TFG and CFD (concourse level flood door) system has the following operation modes for redundancy:
• Normal remote/control panel operation of the gate when all systems and power systems are working.
• Hydraulic Pump or motor failure. Redundant pump and motor is activated automatically.
• Power shut down. The system is operated by UPS and accumulator bank system. Control system is powered by the UPS (UPS provided by others)
• Power and UPS shut down. The system is operated by manual valves and the accumulator bank.
• Accumulator bank shut down (empty for nitrogen). The system is operated by manual valves and a manual hydraulic pump unit.

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