Air oil separators

Why do you need Air Oil Separator?

The ventilation air from lube oil sumps on Gas Turbines and Turbo Compressors is typically ventilated to open air. The sump ventilation air is contaminated with oil mist, causing unwanted conditions when ventilated to the environment. The contamination of oil in sump ventilation air may typically be in the range of 800 – to 2500 ppm by weight.

• Most efficient Air Oil Separator on market

• Removes 99,97% of particles down to 0,2 micron

• Five active stages

• Low pressure drop, < 350 mm H2O (3500 Pa)

• Operation temperature : – 20 °C – 160 °C

• Energy consumption 1,1 kW – 2,1 kW

• Design for both for offshore – and onshore installations

• Tailor – made to suit the local demands

 • Simple installation – preassembled on skid

• FAT, Customer & Third party approval with own testing facility

• Installed at more than 120 gas turbines & compressors worldwide.

Air oil separators

Typical unwanted effects from sump ventilation air discharge to the environment are:

• Oil mist sucked into the Gas Turbine Primary Air Filter causes increased pressure drop over the filter, and contributes to increased compressor fouling.

• Oil pollutions to air may cause injuries, allergies and illness for personnel working in polluted areas, like on a platform installation.

• Cable Insulation may over time be damaged when being exposed to oil.

• Slippery conditions on ladders and walkways.

• Dumped the ventilation air into the Gas Turbine exhaust duct may cause dangerous situation.

• Increased oil consumption.

The Techouse Air Oil Separator is designed to separate the oil from the air, returning the oil to the lube oil tank.

Our patented Air Oil Separator advantages

Oil content in Separator discharge air is less than 1 ppm by weight, being in compliance with relevant codes and standards.

• Low pressure drop, securing no pressurization of the oil sump.

• Can be supplied with fan motor frequency converter to balance the lube oil sump pressure.

•  Can be installed on existing installations.

• High reliability and availability.

• Unwanted conditions as noted are eliminated.

Testing possibilities for Air Oil Separators at Techouse faciility:

• We are the only company performing FAT that simulates real conditions from site

• Generating oil mist at concentrations from 20 to 5000 mg/m ᶟ

Internal tests:

• Functional test

• Flow and pressure drop verification

• Performance / Emission test

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