Techouse lands Sulphate Removal Unit FEED study for Valhall IP platform

The Norwegian technology company Techouse have been chosen by operator Aker BP to perform the front-end engineering and design extension study for the Sulphate Removal Unit (SRU) for the Valhall IP platform. The FEED work will be delivered through the Modification Alliance (Aker BP and Aker Solutions).

The overall aim is to increase production and extend the lifetime of the Valhall wells by reducing scaling caused by sulphate. Seawater is injected into the reservoir to maintain pressure and maximize production. Seawater, which contains sulphate reacts with the formation water in the reservoir, resulting in scaling which can cause clogging, reduce reservoir performance and damage the well. The sulphate removal technology provided by Techouse will reduce the sulphate present in seawater before it’s injected into the reservoir and removing the potential for sulphate scaling. Reduction of sulphate will also reduce the formation of H2S, which has positive contribution to HSE due to reduced risk of human exposure.

Experienced engineering team

Techouse have already completed an initial study for the delivery and onshore functional testing for the Aker BP SRU project. The FEED, which will allow more detailed engineering work for the proposed solution, will be carried out during third and fourth quarter of 2021.

–    The award is strategically important for Techouse confirming our industry leading sulphate removal unit technology, Managing Director of Techouse, Svein Helge Pettersen said.

–    Techouse have extensive experience with this type of engineering design services in the North Sea. We have recently completed the delivery of a large SRU module to Equinor´s Johan Castberg project, and we have a “hot” project team ready to move on to this next project. The team will bring fresh learning from the Johan Castberg project and are in a perfect position for a flawless project execution, Pettersen said.

This contract is of strategic and commercial importance to Techouse. The agreement contains an option for engineering, procurement, construction, and onshore functional testing, as well as complete offshore testing at Valhall. The design and build period will provide work for approximately 30 Techouse engineers. The full system is scheduled to be completed and ready for offshore installation Q3 2023. The contract will be delivered through the Modification Alliance who will be responsible for the total integration work to Valhall.  

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