Gina Krog Membrane Deaeration Unit is Up and Running

Statoil Gina Krog platform

Halvorsen TEC is very proud of the results obtained for the production of clean water for oil wash on the Statoil Gina Krog platform thanks to the membrane deaeration unit installed from one of its subsidiary, RO Solutions.

In September 2017 our membrane de-aeration unit to the Statoil Gina Krog platform for crude oil desalting application has started up. The unit is providing excellent results with a water quality reaching in average below 7 ppb in O2.

Projects Facts:

Gina Krog is located about 30 kilometers northwest of Sleipner. The discovery will be developed to the Sleipner field.

The Compact De-Aeration Unit (CDU) is designed to be operating downstream a Reverse Osmosis unit, which is considered to give very suitable operation conditions for this type of CDU.  

The CDU has a total daily capacity of 672 m3/day, which means 28 m3/h in total. System configuration is 2×50%. It produces 28 m3/h deoxygenated water with oxygen level below 20 ppb.

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